Thursday, September 18, 2014

More fun leg kicking, body squirming gifs...


Njspank said...

Very nice and I do love not only the panty spanking but the layers being spanked and coming down! Awesome and sexy

Anonymous said...

Love those kicking legs!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know when this happened but I got the same bare bottom treatment last week. He had me kicking like a little girl. Jen

Anonymous said...

How scrummy!

Fear a whuppin' and feel a whuppin'...
Fabulous Veronica, especially the panties down to reveal your smooth, unsullied botty.

I end up over hubby's knee similarly boo-hoo. And he knows that when I was a naughty little one growing up in Georgia, then the threat of a switchin' from mom or pop would often end my tantrums in the store ! It was the fear of a whuppin' Veronica. In fairness to mom n pop, it was only because I knew that my tender, whiter than white botty skin would be devoid of any protective coverings (called panties haha) that the threat of a switchin' carried weight ! Oucheeeees!

Bare botties works Veronica!Or as my mummy cutely said - my botty on show only for bath times ... and spanking times. Gulp ! Sugary sweetness with sharp, stinging undertones. Typical strict but loving mother.

If I persistently ignored warnings then when we got home, out came the whippy, rattan cane, up came my little cotton dress, and down came my little cotton underpanties !
Lil' white butt turning red - integral to family life
There were no half-measures back in the 1960s Veronica! Not in Georgia State at least, for naughty lil' missies. Fear whuppin' and feel a whuppin'
Thanks. Strict Brenda xx