Monday, September 8, 2014

New meaning to GLOBAL WARMING!


Anonymous said...

Veronica is that your cute spanked botty young miss ?,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Tough Love...Veronica, bare botty means you feel a spanking and fear a spanking. It was a scary prospect and so I heeded my mom's warnings as a little girl. The cane lived in the cupboard and mummy knew I would take it all very seriously with my panties pulled down. That was obvious.

And if the objective is a stinging bottom, what is the point in covering and protecting soft, sensitive bare skin from the sting of the cane with a pair of cotton panties or shorts ? Is that logical ?

And because it was perfectly safe and harmless (yet successfully creating an unbearable sting) why should panties not be pulled down ? And does a naughty girl deserve protective coverings on her tender bottom ? And if so. Why ?! These were my mother's uncompromising views.

I protested growing up...which proved mum's point that my chubby bare white backside was always required for the cane. It sounds harsh today, but I have defended my mum's stern approach over the decades.

Veronica, in the early 1970s, my mummy did not tolerate wishy-washy thinking like some moms did: she used a thin rattan cane to punish my sister and me, because it would sting. And she always administered it on our bare botties....because it would sting ! !Brenda x