Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

 Sunday funnies...


Anonymous said...

The little bratty girl got big spanks from daddy ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Yes when I was a naughty little girl like Glenna in the 1960s my fairest, white, chubby botty was sadly not once covered in clothes when I was smacked over mom or pop's knee. It was very bare indeed !! that I felt the full sting of the hand, hairbrush or cane. So the same should apply to Glenna here - a bare backside required: cutey blue linen dungarees unfastened and along with her white cottons, taken down to her her knees. She's got away with it in theory (but not in practice) It's fascinating that the Disney cartoon films shown on Veronica's fabulous blog (see 2103) show naughty bottoms being routinely bared for a spanking ( as would be the case in reality), whereas these more recent say 1950s' "conservative" paper-based comics were more modest (and unrealistic)....just an observation. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Wooden spoon on the bare botty folks. Glenda O'Connor deserved it. And she gotten it !

Pray, what is going on here Veronica ? Why is mom laughing and Glenda O'Connor getting the snowflake treatment from father ? Oh my ! Things sure need to turn out different on this one, Veronica ?!

Glenna's kicking behavior sure needs an Ol' fashioned parental lesson taught on her bare bottom ! That is how lessons are best learned for this lil' princess-brat, Veronica. And being 1950s born, that sure is how I gotten strictly raised in Georgia State.

If I were her lovely, kind but cross mommy in the picture, Veronica, I would put down the chores and washing already, and fetch me the trusty "botty smacker" from the kitchen drawer - the special, hard, flexible rubber spatula that I myself purchased in the 1980s (when I was blessed with motherhood and my own two lil' daughters. I sure did not buy that spatula for cooking, Veronica !!!)

Glenna will stand by the chair with her hands on her blond head while I scold her for that kicking behavior (her father watches and supports me) It is then an experienced, mommy-approved work of a moment for my fingers and thumbs to go to the buttons and poppers of her cutey, blue, cotton dungarees and straps...and deftly and carefully unfasten them, flipping back the straps....and letting her dungarees fall right down to her feet in a crumpled, defeated heap.

She is standing there, blubbing, hands on her head, in her white 1950s t-shirt and whiter-than-white, 1950s, traditional, cotton underwear. I reach for the waistband of her soft, cotton panties (my two hands go either side of her waist) and pull them right down to her knees. Woosh ! Gulp ! The most important part of the spanking - naughty lil' panties pulled down- has just gotten completed, Veronica !!

Princess Glenna loudly protests at the "cool air on the bare botty moment". Veronica, I vividly remember those scary "cool air on the bare" moments when I gotten smacked and caned by my mother as a lil' girl in the early 1960s !! It defines the crucial baring process. But it's sadly too late already. Mommy has passed sentence, long ago.

I scold her briefly once more, wagging my pointy finger and saying "spare the rod spoil the child". A brief delay lets the "cool air on the bare botty moment" take big effect.
I then sit down purposefully and take my naughty daughter Glenna across my knee and secure her tightly, fastening her right arm in the small of her back.

I then let the nasty, rubber, spatula smack hard and repeatedly across the alabaster-white sensitive skin of a naughty bare backside. No need to count mommy ! I sure let the spatula do a merry-dance all across her bare white botty in a random, rapid and fierce fashion; creating a scarlet, stinging hue. The alabaster-white surface disappears completely. When the bottom is red all over - I still keep on spanking !

Glenna cries and screams like she is being tortured, but a good, hard, bare bottom spanking from mommy is a kind, harmless necessary part of growing up, Veronica ! Naughty daughters lessons are best learned over a bare bottom !

After the punishment, I pull-up Glenna's Ol' fashioned panties back-over her blazing, red stinging seat. I pull up her blue dungarees and fasten them all tidy in place. I give her a hug and send her to her bedroom to think about her misbehavior. Glenna does the naughty switchy-spanky-dance up the stairs, rubbing her stinging, punished behind. The hornets nest gotten landed, Veronica !

That is how I envisage this cartoon to finish Veronica !? And memories of being a kind but very strict, loving 1980s mom to my two wonderful daughters.
Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx