Saturday, September 27, 2014

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Out in the barn...

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Anonymous said...

The parents are strict ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Artist/website for 'Out in the Barn'?

Anonymous said...

WOW ! Here's the front cover of my memoirs. An unique drawing. Superlative.

Veronica, your wonderful Blog has many lovely drawings, but this one of me across mummy's knee is one of the best I've ever seen (anywhere, not just on your Blog)

I think I should have a copy in every room ! It defines my upbringing and the source of my spanko enthusiasm.

My mother was an older, strict disciplinarian who seemed to typify doemstic scenes of the 1970s (and the 1950s and 1930s ha-ha) She belived that bare bottom spankings were essential to a strict, loving and caring environment.

At that time, it seemed that spankings were discussed in the community more than the economy was :-) ha-ha. You know what I mean folks !

My mom strongly advocated bare botom discipline and even showed my girl friends' mothers the dreaded, thin rattan cane when they came over for coffee. That now seems so traditonally cute but cringing in the modern age.

Mummy was not embarrased to elaborate to other moms (and in front of me !) that we naughty daughters always got the cane with our panties pulled down and or botties bare - the only way it should be done.

Sensitive backsides were meant to sting ! Protective coverings were not required. We naughty girls needed to occasionally feel it ...and fear it !

And of course, in the 1970s, her ideas were usually met with general enthusiastic approval (although not in every case)How cute ?! Times have changed

I remember once when my naughty sister and I were being taken home after seriously epic, tantrums in the shopping mall. We did not have a barn like the drawing :-) but the little switch-cane was brought int the living room.

Our pretty summer dresses went up and our cutey cotton panties went down to uncover our fair, tender-skinned botties trembling with fear.

Strangely, my mummy always said that as well as being more effective, it was actually kinder to apply the hairbrush and cane to the sensitive bare skin on our backsides, rather than to apply it over clothes. That initially seemed couter-intuitive, but she was right. And it was typical of her philosophical approach. And that's a thought for another time. Thanks. Amazing picture ! Brenda x