Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Another... rub my ass moment


Anonymous said...

Need any help?

A carpet beater applied to a cute naughty bottom.


Tim the tum said...

I'd happily rub your ass any time. Oh, that's not what you meant?

Another lovely picture anyway. You are always a delight Veronica.

(also the title of one of my favourite songs by the way)

All the best


Anonymous said...

You look so lush Veronica, but I am not fooled. And when a naughty lil' missy has behaved so badly, then a lil' pair of panties need to come down and strict mommy fetches the trusty, lil' rattan switch !! Oh my ! Boo-Hoo :-(

My loving mother was a super strict Southern mommy who dished out firm most memorable spankings. There was no PC in our house in the 1960s Veronica. And not much in my girl friends houses either !

When I was eight, mommy bought the dreaded, thin, whippy, lil' rattan nursery cane,"the switch"
Veronica, my mommy always exposed the fairest white skin on my bare backside for punishment and as I pleaded and cried, mom reminded me that naughty lil' girls' botties were supposed to sting (a lot!) and so my white cotton panties always had to be pulled down for a whuppin'. Without exception or debate too ! So conservative and ol' fashioned were my harsh bare bottom spankings Veronica!

She was so right Veronica. No half-measures. So bend over that chair Veronica...how dare you ! Swish, thwack ! ...repeated many times !
Strict Momma Brenda xx