Sunday, October 5, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

1950's..... When men were still in charge and Bobby soxer's still got spanked.


Anonymous said...

Things were different back then for sure. And it is quite safe to say your sweet naughty bottom would have been OTK or possibly in the "woodshed" receiving a very sound spanking on numerous occasions!
Here is a current video, but similar to very real spankings that happened all over America.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed and you look cute as a bobby soxer ,best spanks V.from Timx

Njspank said...

What a beautiful dress and yes love the socks and shoes.....lovely

Anonymous said...

Oh my, as a strict, loving CP mom, (not a PC mom !) I love the 1990s Veronica. I enjoyed a traditional, Southern, 1950s childhood and upbringing - very strict - with my mother's Christian family views front and center ! I am now in my late fifties and feel very retro-1950s...and 1960s too. I am perfecting my famous tan lines and protecting smoothest, porcelain white (big chubby !) ass from sunshine Veronica ! And clothes and music etc.

As a lil' outdoor, sporty, fair-skinned girl in the 1960s I wore conservative clothes that my mother bought and I had the best tan lines in Georgia (Coppertone girl me !). And the fairest- white, softest skinned, chubby backside for sure. This was not lost on my strict, exasperated mother, and upon that alabaster-white, sensitive, velvety skin on my botty - mom's stern sentences ("the rod of correction") were carried out when I gotten naughty. Corporal punishment was fundamental to family life in our house.

At age 8, I became a stronger, bratty princess and mother found me and my lil' sister a handful already. Dad was away on business. Mother bought an "implement of correction" - not a naughty step or naughty chair Veronica, but a thin, whippy, flexibe switch made of the finest rattan. It seemed this lil' cute but nasty domestic cane (recommended for kind, hard-working moms with naughty daughters !) was designed for the pale, bare, cotton-soft skin on my botty, minus underwear - because that is how mother always administered it, shorts and panties pulled down in the living room ! No messing. On the bare. CP not PC !

Mommy said spankings were punishment. So why not on bare skin ? It made sense. And later as a strict, CP mom, I gotten to agree Veronica ! My strongest memories today are of sister and me, in the living room, hands on heads, crying and protesting, having our 1950s large, whitest, cotton panties pulled down to our knees by mother...and our swimsuit bottoms too on occasions in the summer. Bare botties meant a terrible sting ! Oh my, we sure squawked ! Plus a feeling of being a naughty lil' girl as the panties descended. And a good bunch of safety and control- mom was an expert "botty whooper !" having gotten her own bare bum caned by Grandma in the 1930s. The "hornets nest" on bare skin but never bruises for me. Oh my !

I never gotten the belt or paddle in my childhood, just the cane, and always on a bare ass Veronica ! My girlfriends in Atlanta often gotten the belt on their bare backsides from fathers. Or told to pick a switch by their moms. I still like to share these memories with my peers Veronica. And with my good German lady friend who I met at work (in a big company) way back in early 1980s. She is ten years my senior (now late 60s) and told me the European perspective on domestic life. In Germany growing up, she gotten the "Rohrstock" (flexible, thin cane) on her bare bottom from her parents in her childhood. Again, this was just normal procedure in loving homes back then. "Don't spare the rod" and all...
Love the 1950s no-nonsense genre Veronica. And the 1960s when I was spanked and growing up.
Hugs and thanks...and spanks ! :-)
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx