Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Japanese schoolgirls just begging for a good over-the-knee spanking, don't you agree?
These girls are teasing the boys... now what?


Anonymous said...

They all need spanking bare bottomed OTK. And the second picture with the teasing girls, need spanking by the boy's their teasing!

It was hard to find a video with strictly OTK spanking but the following video is pretty good, Lots of squeals, moans, and in end sore bottoms'.

Anonymous said...

Yes they do need it,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

too cute not to spank

Njspank said...

Too cute, thanks

Anonymous said...

Japanese mommies and discipline.
Thanks for your wonderful Japanese themes throughout you fabulous blog Veronica. You have inspired me (and hubby) to research and explore them further.
I see fascinating (lush !) similarities between the strict, loving attitudes of ol' fashioned Japanese mamas, and the principles and practice of moms that I knew well, growing up as a lil' princess in Georgia in the 1960s. There do seem kindred spirits between Japanese and these Southern mommies regarding strict, loving discipline of naughty lil' daughters.
I particularly relate to the cane being used on naughty Japanese daughters...on their bare botties too. That's how I was raised at home.
I've constantly discussed my stern, caring Southern upbringing with my mom over the years (she's now in her 80s).
Why did she keep the lil' nasty thin rattan switch (cane) in the cupboard. And why did she always pull my panties down for bare bottom punishment?
My mommy was far too strict to spank through clothes. It didn't make sense - for many reasons. She said she just automatically bared our tender behinds (sister and me) for a switchin' without thinking. Because it was necessary. Because it was normal and appropriate for discipline. And because that's how she received switchin's from Grandma too. I loved her uncompromising, ol' fashion views. No wishy washy attitudes to naughty daughters back then Veronica. And it's now an exciting, parallel universe for me regarding Japanese domestic discipline ! Thank you Veronica. :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx