Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Granny is old school!


Anonymous said...

Grandma's, Grandpa's. Aunt's, Uncle's, and sometimes even older Cousin's, took care of naughty bottoms that deserved attention in the old days. And I'm afraid naughty girl your bottom would be perpetually red and sore.

Discipline "old school" style. Granny knows best.

Anonymous said...

I blame it all on Granny Veronica haha ! :-)
My grandma was fierce and ol' school, whereas her daughter ( my mommy!) was cutey kind and loving, but also extremely strict in that typically Southern, 1950s' mama style !
My sister and I had a very strict upbringing in Georgia. When I was a naughty lil girl in the 1960s, I feared and felt the smack of a rattan switch on my bare botty. It was stern punishment Veronica, but I stress, safe and harmless, and administered by mommy in an ol' fashioned "kind" manner, typical of that time in the South.
Grandma encouraged mommy to discipline us sternly. And would often oversee our whuppin's...or instigate them !
Mom was very strictly raised in the 1930s and 40s, and sister and I heard all the "smacked bottom" stories of how she was brought up. Both Grandma and mommy would recount the stinging events !
Our mama used to get switchin's on her bare behind from Grandma, with an almost identical whippy, lil' rattan cane to the one mommy used our our tender, bare bums. My mother was always caned with her panties pulled down. And that's (unsurprisingly, boohoo !!)why she always pulled our panties down for her lil' cane too, twenty years later.
Veronica, yes it was all a bit crushing and cringing Veronica. But exciting too. Sounds a lil' bit bizarre, but strict domestic discipline and family values were common across our suburban, community, and very different back then ! No half -measures for my sister and me. Certainly not in our house. As mother always said - our lil' chubby botties bare for bath times and switchin's. No fuss or debates. Oucheeeees!
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx