Monday, October 27, 2014

"I don't think I deserve a spanking!"


Anonymous said...

Really young lady are you sure /? lol ,best spanks,Timx

Mike Pahula said...

i don think you deserve spanking either

Robert Stephens said...

Deserve has nothing to do with it.....

Anonymous said...

Yes my dear I am afraid you do. Now be a good girl and come lay across my lap. We have things to discuss! You have been a very naughty girl and I intend to spank every square inch of your bottom until it glows!

Njspank said...

You so do my dear, love the outfit

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of you Veronica. We naughty girls always feel more vulnerable when we've been naughty and are wearing little skimpy shorts. There was no reason too, since our fairest, tender botties have always been completely bare for spankings since time began. It's just a psychological thing Brendax

Anonymous said...

Yeah right Veronica, hands on head at once...mommy will fetch the switchy-stick !

Have you just come back from the park with mom after a terrible potty-mouthed tantrum already ? My lil' sis and me gotten to misbehave in the park (in front of other Church-group moms and daughters) in the 1960s and there was only ever one conclusion at home !! And we did not get spanked in public, but our friends did.

Our lovely neighbors next door in our childhood Atlanta suburb (conservative, religious and Church going) would hear our mother punishing her two lil' daughters. They would hear the smack of the "rod of correction" on the soft, bare skin of our backsides. It was a common sound in our house and in the State of Georgia. Our neighbors approved - "spare the rod, spoil the child" -they always said to our mom and to me and my sister.

The Christian "rods of correction" applied by mother to the bare skin of our naughty botties were the wooden spoon and hairbrush in the early 1960s and then the rattan cane when we gotten to age eight (mid 1960s) the cane was a thin, flexible rattan switch - typical in Southern families. Also called the Biblical Switch by our pious neighbors Veronica.

The loud smacking sounds of well-whooped, bare, alabaster-white botties (rapidly reddening) were matched by our princess screams. We were not being tortured, we just gotten harmless, loving, traditional, mommy-delivered, corporal punishment on the appropriate exposed place provided by God and Nature...our tender chubby bare bums ! That ferocious but harmless sting of the switch sure did me good throughout childhood Veronica. I am in my late 50s now.

I love your pinky lil' shorts Veronica. Sister and me gotten to wear conservative 1950s clothes...Church approved Veronica ! Our shorts were very sensible and our underwear was those large, white, snuggy, cotton, panties...very conservative and Ol' fashioned (like Strictmoor Academy panties)

We had to put our hands on our heads while mother pulled our shorts and white underwear down to our knees to uncover our "seats of learning" for the "rod", the nasty lil' cane. The baring ritual was scary and memorable. Short scolding and that sober breeze on your bare botty ! Oh my ! Followed by the hornets nest, naturally. That was the punishment.

Veronica my two lovely daughters gotten raised with plenty of CP on their bare bottoms already in the 1980s/90s. I do not accept PC or naughty behavior. I used the same techniques, expressions and psychology and "rods of correction" that my mom used on me in the 1960s. It sure worked. My girls have long left home and they thank me for my strict discipline ! My mother, me and my daughters still all talk about CP and Southern family values.
Now I'm gonna tug your pinky shorties and panties down and whip your bare white botty with my rattan, spanky-stick as a naughty daughter deserves Veronica!
Thank you for your fab Blog.
Strict mom Brenda xx