Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's almost Halloween!


Anonymous said...

The fog was going to be bad, so the coven of witches took a page from Santa and his famous reindeer Rudolph; except with a twist. They spanked their new recruit until her "cheeks glowed" and let her lead them through foggy Halloween night.

A little Halloween fun

Anonymous said...

Even little witches are spanked by their parent ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Oh my, so cute and lovely Veronica ! Switch the witch mommy !

Soooo love cartoon 2 - mommy punishing daughter. So strict, simple and traditional. Bare, exposed botties over mom's knee make it count Veronica. Strict loving mommies know that only too well !!!
It's exactly how I was raised Veronica. I so like mommy's cane by the witch's brush here. So strict yet understated. An ol' fashioned, culture of "Don't spare the rod" Veronica, as my mother explained to me when I was a lil' girl growing up in Georgia. Gulp ! Scary stuff back then ! But oh so right.

Mom's flexible switch was far thinner and whippier than the cane drawn here. A lil' thin harmless (but ferociously stingy) rattan "botty smacker" suitable for the soft, tender, exposed white skin covering my chubby lil' princess sit-upon ! Yes, oh my, I always got my panties pulled down to have my backside tanned. Bare botty was the only way in town already !!
Strict, loving mommies had very different values in the 1960s Veronica !
Naughty Lil' Witchy Switchy Brenda