Thursday, October 30, 2014

More cutie Halloween

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Anonymous said...

First cartoon is sooo cute Veronica. Naughty lil' witch getting the "rod" on hr bare botty. So strict, loving and conservative. Just as I like it. And so modern too. Stingy Halloween. Boo-Hoo :-(

Naturally, I was strictly raised to feel the "rod" on my bare backside from my mommy, growing up in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1960s. Of course the faithful "rod" that I so feared on the alabaster-white skin of my bare behind was a nasty (but harmless already) lil' rattan switch. And oh my, I felt it too with my panties around my this naughty witch Veronica ! There was no paddle or strap in our house. But mom's dreaded switch lived in the downstairs cupboard- permanently too ! I did not have to go and cut a fresh green one like some of my princess friends did.

The prospect of this ultra-whippy switch on my tender, bare botty was a terrible threat in its own right from mom (if i misbehaved in the mall !!) Let alone if she used it. And oh my, she had no qualms about using it on sensitive, bare-skinned bottoms (always !) I so shouted the house down Veronica. The rattan switch stings the skin (which is the idea) but is perfectly safe (no bruising) and suitable for daughterly attitude adjustment Veronica !!

Multiple lil' flicks of her wrist with the switch caused the "hornets nest" to build on my unprotected botty. This was strict, loving, traditional, maternal admonishment in our house Veronica. My lil' sister suffered the same fate when she was naughty !

Over the decades, my friends and acquaintances (younger girls and not from the South !!) were surprised at my mother's punishment method, but in fairness, much of the UK and Europe also had strict domestic discipline for naughty lil' daughters in the 1960s. But oh my, we lil' Southern belles gotten it worse growing up Veronica. As you well know already young lady!

Strict, loving Mother/daughter spankings were a harsh reality for me way before I left home and discovered the iconic Nu West... let alone the recent, brilliant Momma Spankings site !

Hugs Veronica x
Naughty Lil' Girl Next Door, Brenda xx