Thursday, October 23, 2014

"Red On Pink"

"You look very pretty in pink" Tony said to Veronica. "I'm glad I bought you the pink dress instead of the red one." But Veronica really wanted the red dress and not the pink one, she felt that the red dress would of complimented her long dark hair better than the pink one . "I only wore this stupid dress because you bought it for me but I wanted the red one, you must be color blind because red looks much nicer on me!" Veronica said in a loud obnoxious voice. She further added, "if it was up to me I would burn it!" Tony now angry shouted back "you want red Veronica? I'll give you red then!" With that he placed his naughty wife over his lap and tanned her bottom the color she so much desired... RED, and it does look better on her! 



Anonymous said...

That red bottom goes quite nicely with your pink outfit!

Look what I found.

Anonymous said...

Yes brattish behaviour needs big spanks indeed ,best spanks from ,Timx

Njspank said...

What a beautiful dress, panty and red bottom, thank you