Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

Sunday morning funnies...


Anonymous said...

Little Audrey receives big spanks from Daddy ,best spanks V. from ,Timx

Njspank said...

Love both but how cute is her over dad's remember both of these

Anonymous said...

Just too cute not to spank.

Anonymous said...

Veronica - did Little Audrey's panties misbehave ?

When I was a naughty lil' girl in the early 1960s (reading these lovely fun comics) I gotten spankings on the bare skin of my botty, with my panties pulled down to my knees. I was for sure "the cute little deer with the bear behind", Veronica Oh my ! No exceptions !

Bare red bottoms were just part of growing up and my strict, loving mommy did "not spare the rod". The "rod" was a wooden spoon or hairbrush given over her knee and then from age 8, I gotten the rattan switch....always bare botty. It was harsh Veronica :-(

I thought it strange that Little Iodine gotten smacked over panties. My lil' princess friends in Georgia also generally gotten bare bottom spankings and many of the TV animation cartoons (some found on this fabulous blog) also showed bare bottom whuppin's too. We watched with our parents. Cringe !! So bare backsides for punishment was just normal for me , in our house, and the world at large. This was the strict 1960s Veronica !

When I left home as a rebellious student (late 1970s) and started working, and then as PC also emerged; I looked back fondly on my very strict upbringing in Georgia....which then seemed another world away. In those 1960s, I wore conservative Ol' fashioned pretty 1950s dresses to Church (and my younger sister did too) And we had to wear those 1950s large, white cotton underpanties that were very full-bottomed, like lil' shorts under our dresses and skirts.

We only had white cotton panties Veronica - not cartoon knickers, or trendy, modern clothes. Our white panties were snuggy and fleecy, traditional and conservative. They would have for sure protected our fairest sensitive backsides from the rattan switchy-stick.....which is why mother always pulled them down and whipped our bare bums :-(
Quite right too Veronica. It was punishment - our bottoms needed to sting !!! It added formality and fear to mom's spankings too. And the switchin' was safe and lovingly applied. Oh my , how we did the switchy dance Veronica!!

Underneath our panties we had the whitest-of-white chubby bottoms and very stark tan lines, again because we had to wear large unfashionable swimsuit bottoms (two-piece) which covered our fair skin from the sun. I was the Coppertone girl ! Sister and I laughed at our soft, pudgey lily-white bums and tan lines at bath times. But oh my, not when our bottoms were bared at whuppin' times. We cried and cried.

I love these comics Veronica. And I loved the conservative illustration of spanking over clothes, whereas in our house we gotten the switchy-stick on bare botties. Oh my, big difference. The rod from or mommy was "not spared".
Nostalgic Lil' Brenda xx