Monday, November 10, 2014

Another... rub my ass moment!


Anonymous said...

Now it is play time!

Anonymous said...

But only for a moment, our mutual friend will finish you up!

Anonymous said...

Veronica another sore botty for naughtiness ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes ,best spanks V. from Tim.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Veronica...nostalgic reality. My mum used to say to other mums "my girls only take the cane seriously when their panties are pulled down" Ouchee...she was so right. And she said things like that in front of me...a warning for sure. Same for all of us.Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Unbearable stinging botties are part of life Veronica !

What a truly gorgeous photo of you Veronica. I feel that I have received (and gotten benefits) from a stinging botty all my life...same for you Veronica, naturally.

First I gotten a very strict, Christian upbringing in the 1960s, along with my lil' sister. Mom used to say "your backisde needs a switching" - out came the cane and down came our underwear. Our bare botties gotten whooped a bunch over our childhood. That was just normal for strict, loving households in our community. Part of Southern culture.

Naturally when I became a mother in the 1980s, I brought my two wonderful daughters up in a similar strict, loving house with corporal punishment. When they were naughty, they gotten their bare bottoms switched with the cane, just like I gotten from mom. Moreover, my mom was usually around to oversee CP. Discipline was all down to me already, my hubby was not strict enough. But with my lil' cane in the cupboard, CP worked well for disciplining my young girls over the years. Oh my ! I sure believe in not sparing the rod Veronica

My daughters have recovered (now in their 30s)...they sure will be strict moms, because they still thank me for my stern punishments. Keep it in the family !
Luckily there was not much PC in Georgia when I raised my girls in the 1980s/90s....just a lil' more PC than 1960s. But not much Veronica. Most moms spanked hard back then !

Now in my late 50s, I still need my bare alabaster- white bottom caned by my hubby. I am still naughty. Yes, I can still joke with my mother (in her 80s!!) about me still needing my bare backside switching like when I was nine years' old with mom ! Oh my ! I love your blog Veronica. Thank you.
Nostalgic Strict Mom Brenda xx