Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How times have changed...


Leigh Smith said...

Now a good wife gets out in the workforce if she's able to help carry the financial load and a good husband takes on some of her load.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine that being printed today? But treating a spouse or lover with respect, love, and dignity is what it is all about. A good woman is worth her weight in gold and I am pretty sure it holds for the man also.

Anonymous said...

What about spanking naughy daughters Veronica ?
Oh my, I remember 1965, growing up in Georgia, fearing the smack of mom's hairbrush or woodden spoon on my bare botty, over her knee. Waaaah !! :-(

And the switch was soon to arrive already ! My mother (now in her 80s) could have written the discipline section. Veronica, the neighoburhood moms always talked about spankings. And we naughty lil' daughters did too. We compared punishment stories - Oucheeeees. It was in our Georgia culture Veronica, and as a family we have always been open and honest about the subject. My mother, sister and I still recall it all today ! No need for PC Veronica, just facts. Oh my, 1965 !!

For my lil' sister and me, the fairy-soft skin on our backsides was as white as cotton and as soft as cotton already. We had the best tan lines in the South !! The Coppertone twins ! So in its unprotected state (panties around knees !) this lily-white, tender skin made it suitable for punishment from a strict, loving mommy !!

A whuppin' with the switch or hairbrush was harmless and salutary. Mom did not "spare the rod" and her conservative, Christian views saw her pulling down panties and reddening the fair, sensitive skin on our pudgey botties with gusto ! Father was away on business so as a home-maker, mommy's Ol' fashioned, traditional family values and stern punishment was just a fact of life. As you say, times have changed Veronica.

Mom knew that a stinging bottom was effective and harmless. So we gotten no half-measures Veronica. In 1967 mom gotten the flexible, rattan switch, a faith-based "rod of correction". Nasty !! She bared our bums every time Veronica. Grandma approved because she had caned my mother's bare bottom the same in the late 1930s ! The neighbors approved because it was seen as Church-based discipline. Other mommies approved too ! Oh my ! No escape from the "hornets nest" in he 1960s Veronica

My hubby is from the North West Veronica. He was not brought-up in a strict household and finds my mother's and the Southern moms approach fabulous. I have made him a spanko fan Veronica ! But I am strict disciplinarian in our house because of how I gotten raised and what my mom taught me - harsh but fair ! Rattan switchy-stick to naughty bare princess botties Veronica ! Switchy-dances already !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx