Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Precious moments


Anonymous said...

Roommate spanking.


Anonymous said...

Mummie orbig sis spanks her ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Mummie or big sis spanks her botty ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Precious moments indeed Veronica - it's why I'm such an enthusiast ! As is my younger little sister...although she 's a little less intense than I am ! haha:-)

Last week Veronica , my sister and I discussed again how as little girls growing up in Atlanta in the 1960s and 70s we were both excited and scared when we saw each other get a switching! We had a very loving but extremely strict mom, and spankings were fundamental to home life.

I clearly remember mummy regularly dragging little sister to the lounge sofa. Lil' sis had to place her hands on her head, crying and protesting sadly. It was grave and dramatic and very scary ...but compelling to watch Veronica I can't deny it :-)

Mummy carefully undid my sister's shorts and purposefully pulled then to her knees. She then slipped a small pair of cute, cotton panties down to her knees . Mummy always bared our bums. No qualms or questions. Again, routine strict punishment was just part of "every day" for little brats forty years' ago

My little sister's chubby white botty ( we were stocky, sporty little girls) looked so soft and sensitive...and vulnerable. She was crying as mother bent her over the sofa arm. I felt so sorry for her Veronica. ! Her poor botty !

As outdoor girls in sunny Georgia, we had deep golden tans, except of course on our botties; where the sensitive skin didn't see daylight, and was as white as fresh snow ! ...our natural fair complexion. We were the Coppertone girls! And the contrasting tan lines on our fairest, pale backsides seem to make whuppin's all the more vivid and memorable!

I'll never forget the sound of the thin, rattan switch repeatedly smacking my sister 's tender bare botty! And her loud uncontrolled squealing. Oucheeeees !. And the strawberry nasty , stingy red scarlet colour emerging. Mummy was an expert bottom smacker Veronica - the sting was unbearable but perfectly safe and harmless. There were no bruises, she carefully "burned" tender skin on our bare backsides with lots of little whippy smacks. Perfect punishment for naughty little princesses Veronica!

So although extremely strict, mother was very loving too. Strict discipline was kind and old fashioned. Seems incredible to write this now Veronica, but that was domestic discipline in the early 1979s ! And its why both my sister and I are spankos in the modern age ! Thank you for your fabulous blog Veronica. Regards, Brenda cx