Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

... and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Bugs Bunny spanks ,Mummy spanks her naughty daughter on her panties ,best spanks V. from ,Timx303

Njspank said...

Love the panty spankings and love the sunday comics, I do remember that one......


Anonymous said...

Love the Sunday Funnies Veronica - and oh my, when I was a lil' girl I loved the strict nature of my comics, especially of course the spankings, shown here ! :-) This is definitely naughty lil' me and my strict 1950s' mommy. Although in reality, of course, I always got smacked with my 1950s' white cotton panties pulled down and my fair-skinned botty fully exposed over mommy's knee. Quite right too, it taught me a proper lesson. No compromise in our house growing up, Veronica!

And then, when I was only just a lil' older than this cartoon girl, my mommy bought a lil' nursery cane, made from finest, thin, whippy, stingy rattan. It was called the switch and was kept in the cupboard. I remember how scary it was for me as a lil' girl ! And oh my, I always got it from mother on my bare botty Veronica, bending over the sofa, with my lil' panties pulled down and pretty dress raised 1950s style. I'll never forget - oh my the sting on my bare, soft skin was so harsh already Veronica! But harmless too for sure.

We forget how The South was so strict for naughty princesses decades ago. I say 1950s Veronica, but it was actually the late 1960s, but not much had changed and my mom was older than other moms and fiercely stern. Especially when it came to smacked bottoms for naughty daughters!
Naughty Nostalgic Comic Lovin' Brenda xx