Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

and Sunday funnies...


Anonymous said...

Cute cartoons ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Traditional papas know that even the fiercest of feisty super-hero girls still possess sensitive skin on their botties ! Think of it as their Achilles' Heel...sort of. Brenda x :-)

Anonymous said...

I so like and approve of the top drawing of Kim Possible over father's knee. That is normal in my thinking and practice Veronica ! I say that as a strict, loving 1980s mom, raising two daughters, who believes in traditional Southern family values and strict CP ! I sure gotten raised that way in the 1960s !

Veronica, I would like to say that my daughters gotten to end up (bare bottomed) over their father's knee for kind, appropriate, loving discipline like naughty lil' Kim Possible here...but it was yours truly that was the disciplinarian in our family. I sure was the "bad cop mommy !". So yes, Veronica, you will be pleased to hear that they paid for their bad behavior over my knee when they deserved it in their childhoods.

They gotten to receive the rubber spatula, hairbrush, wooden (early years) and mainly the rattan cane (Southern switch) from age 8. And yes Veronica, CP gotten given on their bare botties every time, I'm afraid. No exceptions. That was the rule. And it worked !
As a strict, traditional mother I sure did not do wishy-washy PC nonsense or half-measures on domestic punishment. That is not how I gotten raised to believe in !
Strict Mom Brenda xx