Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

"Bieber fever"

Sunday funnies...


Anonymous said...

I want his job! (top picture)

Cool picture.

Anonymous said...

These fangirls are well spanked ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Bieber Fever...misbehaviour has consequences Veronica !
So love this picture !

When I was a lil' girl back in Georgia in the 1960s, the difference between right and wrong meant a stinging botty courtesy of my mommy's rattan switch- adminsitered on the sensitive lily-white bare, with my ol' fashioned white cotton panties or jammies positioned around my knees. Harsh times of yore Veronica.

I actually believed that the State of Georgia and of course The Church sanctioned my spankings Veronica !! This cartoon rhymes with this idea. I used to see those paddles in the store "for the little deer with the bear behind"...popular and mommy-approved in my neighbourhood Veronica ! Why did they sell them ? Mom never bought one...she had the thin, rattan switchy-cane already !

And so my strict, older mom used to say in her cute, stern 1950s style that my botty was provided by God and Nature for strict and loving punishment by mommy ! Oh my !!
Spankings and faith were linked in our house and strongly advocated by my fierce religious grandma. Pulling down panties and tanning my bare cotton-white backside with a rattan switch was a mother's and grandmother's natural duty Veronica !

Also, oh my, the neighbours supported my mommy's stern approch and said that bare bottom whuppin's with the flexible switch for me and my sister were Christian spankings...."do not spare the rod" and all Veronica. I obviously accepted this approach as a lil' girl.

So despite my mommy's dreaded, harsh, scary switchin's on bare behinds, I found all this exciting back in the 1960s (I still do!) Combining faith, family values, social mores, Authority-rules, switchy-dances and bare red stinging bottoms. All just part of growing up Veronica.

I'm in my fifties and mom is now in her eighties, and we still talk about all this ! (albeit perhaps less than in her seventies) Her strict position has never changed in decades. In her mind, the traditonal whippy switch took priority over the naughty step Veronica ha-ha !

So yes, this cartoon is a modern take for lil' princess Brenda raised in the very ol' fashioned Southern 1960s !

Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx