Thursday, November 20, 2014

Veronica Gif

Some shorts can't come down...

... but some can!


Anonymous said...

Shorts down shorts up, the result will be a very red bottom for you sexy girl. Besides, we can always continue this later, perhaps when you get out of the bath.

Anonymous said...

Spotty shorts ,big spanks for V. best spanks,Timx

Mike Pahula said...

shorts alway more easy to be pull down for spankin wonder why female like you who wear shorts forget this

Anonymous said...

How adorable, Veronica. SMACKIES !! Slipper to bare botty and strict daddy doesn't allow the cutest of cute, red, elasticated-waistband, snuggy shorts to get in the way ! Boo-Hoo. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Botties gotten bare for a whoopin' - but yeah, some shorts gotten pulled down easier !

Like mother, like daughter - I am aged late 50s already, but when I gotten blessed with motherhood in the 1980s, I used the same techniques and spanking rituals that my mom had used on me since the early 1960s. I gotten a very strict, religious upbringing and had watched my lil' sister gotten her bare backside tanned with mother's dreaded, lil' spanky-switch a million times. So I was a strong supporter of CP already, when my own girls were born. My sister and me say that CP gotten us taught good...we are happy, respectful and successful.

Your lovely red shorts in scene 2 worn by we girls in the park and shopping malls back in the 1960s, gotten pulled down by angry moms when naughty alabaster white botties needed to feel the sting. Shorts an underwear were an easy pull down for punishment- in one big tug-down ! A hard hand or a hairbrush from mommy's purse was applied to that special, tender, lily-white place. Oh my !! That was outdoor public life in 1960s Atlanta Veronica !

But my mother did not spank us in public Veronica - but our shorts and panties came down for the cane back at home, Same for my daughters, I did not spank in public, but always bared their bottoms in private.

Most moms use a brief scolding ceremony to get the message through. Bottom baring is the most important part of the process- giving a scary humbling to strict, loving maternal guidance. For sure cotton PJs or swimsuit bottoms gotten swiftly pulled down when my girls were standing with their hands on their heads. But unfastening more layers added to the ritual and sober gravity of the situation.

I remember for me and sister that having white cotton panties pulled down to knees and 1950s Southern dresses hoisted for a whuppin' could be very fast and spontaneous...but a slight delay and scolding ceremony always emphasized the effect of corporal punishment.

Sister and me did not do corner time Veronica. My mother was not a fan of it and wanted to get on with the day already....and she just sent us to our rooms. I did not use corner time for my girls...a good bare botty whooping with the rattan switch is sufficient enough already Veronica !
Strict Ol' Fashioned Mom Brenda xx