Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another fantastic drawing...

Some artist truly capture the essence of spanking.


Anonymous said...

This one was daring you to spank her. She got what she asked for!

Cute Gif


Anonymous said...

Shadow spanks.

Njspank said...

Nice panty spanking, thanks

Anonymous said...

Soooo lush Veronica - but the panties come down in our house Veronica. For strict, loving, mommy-approved, over the knee guidance with my lil' rattan switchy-stick Veronica ! No wishy-washy compromise !!

I do not whether to just pull the panties down right now, or get the lil' brat to stand back up with her hands on her head, so that her white cotton panties can join her shorts at her knees ....as is traditional Veronica ?

My mother always employed the latter technique Veronica. Mom always pulled my panties down and bared my lil' chubby botty for her flexible rattan switch. And Oh my, on my tender bare (ten year old) naughty princess botty, it was like a billion bee stings Veronica :-(
But it was totally harmless and appropriate already. And just part of domestic life in the 1960s in strict Georgia ! My other girl friends got bare bottom spankings too.

A stinging (caned) bare red bottom did me a lot of good growing up Veronica. And I knew no different !!
No need for PC or half-measures. Lifelong lessons are learned Veronica, as a daughter and a mom !!
Strict Ol' fashioned Mommy Brenda xx