Sunday, December 28, 2014

Can't sit down Sunday

Only the beginning!


Anonymous said...

She confessed to her husband about how she had been a very bad girl at her Christmas party at work. She had bought him several new spanking implements' for Christmas presents; a miniature cane, a menacing little whip, two small leather paddles, and a very wicked heavy wooden hairbrush. He viewed her OTK sexy upturned bottom and informed his naughty wife he intended to use them all on very saucy bottom. He was going to get the best after Christmas present ever and correct his errant wife at the same time!

A well spanked bottom

Robert Stephens said...

What a delicious picture you make Veronica! Standing in that clingy short skirt, every spanker's dream. Your pretty bottom over Tony's knee for the start of a long, hard, loving spanking. Mmmmmm....... I hope he's using a hairbrush on that fetching fanny of yours.....

Anonymous said...

It is understandable. Why should your husband be in a rush. I know I would not be!

Anonymous said...

Botties on show ?...Harsh but fair Veronica...tough love ! :-)

My sister and I still marvel at our mummy 's very cute, but cringing, and slightly scary sayings that she repeated in a disciplinary context when we were little girls.

Although it was the 1960s and early 70s, in reality it was far more like the 1950s or even the 1930s ! (when my mom n pop were raised)

In her old fashioned but light hearted manner, mom used to say that our fairest skinned chubby botties would be completely bare and visible on two occasions in the privacy of our hone : firstly for routine bath times (obviously!!) and secondly...GULP !... for a whuppin' when we had been very naughty and mummy had been forced to fetch the switch !

We little girls were cringing, because it was an obvious warning for us to behave, masked by humour within a strict but loving parental code.

In fairness, mummy was uncompromising and true to her word. We feared punishment greatly, and felt it too. She always pulled our panties down and the little cane stung like crazy with our botties bare. As indeed it was supposed to Veronica !

And we daughters just thought it normal, albeit very harsh. Modern thinking on discipline was light years away from our house back then Veronica.

And so lots of our mum's very cute old fashioned warnings and phrases are indelibly printed on my sister's and my mind.

Thanks for this amazing blog Veronica. Hugs Brenda xx