Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday's Spankable

The naughty schoolgirl...


Anonymous said...

She looks and is dressed like a Japanese anime character, so it's definitely bottoms up, panties down for her.

Japanese mother spanking naughty schoolgirl daughter. She squeals so divinely.

Anonymous said...

"I'm turning Japanese, I'm turning Japanese I really think so "

Veronica, I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture within a spanking context (and indeed, generally too) and I'm very intrigued to hear about your own family and Japanese heritage on this fab blog.

My hubby also shares a keen interest in the Japanese schoolgirl theme - everything is just so cute and so very strict. And of course anime has a big part to play.

And with me being raised by a very strict mother, I so love the strict Japanese mummy drawings, cartoons and scenarios. I'm no expert, but I see common ground between the stern bare bottom discipline given to naughty Japanese daughters, and the very strict upbringing that I endured in Georgia State in the sixties and early seventies.

Spanking literature often shows Japanese moms using canes or rattan switches on their daughters bare sit-upons ! I approve and love this art and photography because it's exactly how my sister and I were brought up.

The suburbs of Atlanta (and Tokyo ha-ha) were very strict and traditional when I was a little girl and mama kept a dreaded rattan cane/switch in the cupboard for when I was very naughty. I always got it bare botty too, panties were pulled down automatically by mom. Every single time. That's just how punishment was back then for me and my sister...and for quite a few friends too (paddles were common at the time) But I do feel a keen affinity for the strict Japanese attitude within the spanking genres so delightfully shown on your Blog Veronica... Brenda x