Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"No! you're not going out on....

...New Years Eve young lady!!!"

It's moms way or ELSE!


Anonymous said...

There is an old superstition that "what ever you are doing on New Year's day, you will be doing the rest of the year". Let's hope this naughty girl gets another bottom warming on New year's day. And Mother's are not push overs they can discipline daughter's and son's quite effectively.

Mother spanks daughter

Anonymous said...

Her brother watch as his Mother spanked his sister's bare bottom on the bed. Fear, anticipation, coupled with a strange tingling gripped him as his sister was hand spanked, then spanked with a hairbrush, and finished off with a stinging leather paddle. He knew he was next!

A very good simulation of Mom spanking naughty daughter.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Veronica ! :-) Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Daughter gotten the New Year message Veronica. !
Wonderful to see strict older ladies here. My two daughters left home long ago (just in their early 30s now) but when they gotten naughty back in their childhoods, they sure paid for it on the soft, sensitive skin on their bare backsides Veronica! No timeouts or PC. Plenty of CP.

I was a strict, loving 1980s mother (now in my late fifties) and my hubby and I gotten traditional family values and behaviour enforced already for our daughters.. Yes, Church on Sundays and bare bottom whippings for bad behaviour after warnings.. Very traditional and Southern, Veronica !

The rubber spatula in the early years and cane from age 8 were always ready when bottoms needed to be smacked . And panties always gotten pulled down as a matter of routine. Bare botties was just normal for punishment - exactly as I gotten it from my mother in the 1960s. No wishy-washy nonsense Veronica.

Yes, Oh my ! A rattan switch on sensitive bare skin sure gotten the message through my daughters often remind me. Their botties did recover already. Harmless punishment and necessary !! Yes, we do all talk about spankings as a normal part of family life.
Great scene shown here - strict and ol' fashioned, like me !
Strict Mom Brenda xx