Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

.. and Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Veronica little Audrey I believe it is is having her big spanks but might be let off Mr Moose interrupting her spanker the Ranger ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

The steady and rhythmic smack of hard hand and soft pliant buttocks continued unabated. His bratty girlfriend was reaping what she had shown. Defiance and anger melted away. Acceptance had compliance had replaced them. But what he did not know was she had wanted this all along! (Top picture)
As always a great post.

Anonymous said...

Veronica, the cute second cartoon was typical of the 1960s and early 70s when I was a little girl. I call it the golden age of the smacked bottom. Spankings were part of the fabric of society and advocated by top-down authorities (excuse pun) in a private, public, domestic, media, Government context...everything and everyone. Mummies talked about smacked bottoms in social circles - it was ubiquitous. So as I explain to younger friends Veronica, given this cartoon, it's no surprise that my sister and I felt the whippy rattan cane across our exposed bare botties from mom (and pop) when we were naughty in the privacy of our own home !
Panties down for a stinging botty every time in our house I'm afraid. Red smacked bottoms were a normal, routine domestic and also community issue !! And I guess for you too Veronica. Brenda x