Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

Sunday funnies...


Anonymous said...

The naughty girl in the top photo learns the hard way not to push her mother too far!

Big girl spanked by no nonsense mom

Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely cute animation. Wonderful. And so very 1960s ! Surprisingly, my strict mummy did not smack my bottom in public, but looking at this super cartoon. I wish she had done ! Ha-Ha...of course I was spanked as shown when mummy got me home ! Ouch...Brenda x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely strict, kind, exasperated, poor mommy after my own heart on this animation Veronica ! I can sure relate to her already. And I sure support her discipline technique. And yes, I gave my two daughters the same in the early 1990s !

This naughty lil' daughter is learning that she possess (blessed by God) a soft, chubby very sensitive fairest-skinned place where (in its bare, unprotected state) stern mommy-approved justice will be administered when she gotten bad: aka a bare bottom spanking ! That is what my momma always gave me when I gotten naughty (long ago !) in the early 1960s - out came the dreaded rattan cane, and down came my lil' cotton, white panties ! Same for my daughters in their childhood Veronica - bare bottoms switchings worked ! CP moms know best !

Just some detail - I never gotten my bare bum whooped outside in public Veronica, even though it was common practice for angry mommies to spank (my friends in our Church group !) outside in the parks and malls of Georgia in the 1960s. The "hornets nest" from my mother, on a sensitive bare ass was always given in private, indoors :-(

And naturally, I then similarly always punished my own two girls in private, inside, not outside nor in public. Strict, conservative, stern, appropriate, bare-botty whoopings for naughty lil' daughters do take place both indoors and outdoors Veronica. As you know yourself already, having gotten strictly raised yourself.
Strict Mom Brenda xx