Sunday, January 11, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

Front and....

back.. rapid fire!


Anonymous said...

Such a lovely, sexy bottom. One can imagine the erotic sounds coming from that rapid fire spanking!

She likes it hard

Anonymous said...

Harsh but fair Veronica. Good to see Tony being a strict old-fashioned papa ! No nonsense :-)
I love the phrase " no nonsense" although I can't quite identity when it came in. It was not used in the 1960s and early 70s when I was a little girl growing up, but my background was definitely no nonsense.
Bare, red, well smacked bottoms were integral to family life and a routine hazard for naughty daughters. I used to compare notes with my girl friends who were similarly smacked on their bare botties at home. It was almost a communal ritual and culture in Georgia and the South back then, as you well know and experienced Veronica. I wrote notes down in my little girly princess diary - a fabulous cute read and memoir to savour. I expect you compared spanking stories and home discipline stories with your peers when you were a little girl Veronica, like I did.
We forget that the "little deer" paddles were for sale everywhere back then. My mummy bought a nasty, dreaded little rattan cane instead of a paddle, but alas , I only ever felt it on my bare botty too. My mummy just considered panties pulled down as routine and normal. No qualms at all. So very strict ! ....and as the paddle instructions clearly stated Veronica: " with the bear behind" ...Gulp ! ....Brenda x