Sunday, January 25, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

I said..."But sweetheart.... my mother is knocking on the door!!!"

He replied..."Let her knock and know that I'm doing what she should of done years ago!!!"


Anonymous said...

If she couldn't or wouldn't teach you discipline as a child, I will let her listen and learn!

learning a lesson in manners

Disciplined at home by Mom

Anonymous said...

Love your well spanked bottom and the angelic look in the mirror! But we know that angelic look hides a very sexy and naughty girl, don't we?

Husband making sure stressed out wife stops taking it out on him.

Njspank said...

Nice one, love the mirror shot and begs the question, did she spank you ever?

Anonymous said...

I really love the lock-down hold that Tony has on you here Veronica. It's important that a naughty girl cannot disrupt the spanking and reduce the crescendo of the unbearable sting by wriggling or throwing her arm back over her bare behind, trying to protect sensitive skin from a stern paternal reprimand. This is unacceptable interference from a right little madam.

I expect my hubby to be authoritative and in control, so that a good smacked botty is given formally, effectively and without interuption. And in accordance with strict traditional paternal values :-)...values, moral codes and discipline that I learned and experienced when growing up

Brenda x