Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday's Spankable

At 5'1" Ms. Vanessa Hudgens would be the perfect candidate for a good old-fashioned spanking! Just imagine having this petite brunette across your lap with her pretty legs kicking. It'll be like spanking a younger version of me..... xoxo 

Schoolgirl anyone?


Anonymous said...

You both have a bit in common; a streak of naughtiness that merits a good sound bare bottom spanking. As for a younger version, yes spanking her would be nice, but certainly not any nicer than spanking your luscious bottom.

For her nude pictures a 16, what her mother/father should have done

And a role play spanking for you, a naughty schoolgirl.

Anonymous said...

Two cute girls ,best spanks , Tim x

Robert Stephens said...

I'd rather have you over my knee Veronica....!

JD in Houston said...

Thank you Veronica, for sharing those great images of Ms. Hudgens. As the others have said, I don't find her ANY more "fetching" (hopefully fetching a good, solid paddle! :)) than you, but WHAT IS IT about schoolgirls that makes them SO darned SPANKABLE?!

In the old television series "That 70's Show," there were some references made when "Donna" had to change schools, start attending a Catholic school. The first time she showed up in their usual hangout, "Foreman's basement," in her Catholic schoolgirl outfit, the guys just about hyperventilated. And later (I think in a different episode) Donna showed up angry about the horrible day she had...she said a nun had spanked her with a ruler. The guys practically had cardiac arrest that time, one of them saying something like, "I've never in my life wanted to be a ruler so badly!"

Thank you again, for all the treasures you bestow upon your dedicated followers.

Mike Pahula said...

wouldnt mind spanking you both or getting spanked by both of you

double spanking by you and her

Anonymous said...

You are much HOTTER! No contest. You have hips and roundness. And a beautiful face.

Anonymous said...

Untie that lil' swimsuit young lady, you have an appointment with mommy (who is waving a wooden spoon)

Veronica, I've always been fascinated by celebrities discussing their strict upbringings and spankings. It's sooo compelling. Especially the older ladies (like myself) who were raised in that golden age of smacked bottoms 1950s to early 1990s.

My hubby likes a broad spanking church and fantasy elements - schoolgirls and sorority scenarios. I prefer fact over fiction. And like to talk with my sister about our very strict upbringing in the late 1960s and early 70s. We write notes in our diaries and research it avidly. I love to recall events, and also refer to our princess diaries that we wrote as lil' girls, back at that tine...very cute but very strict times for sure !

As a strict mommy, yes I am exasperated by lil' Miss Naughty Hudgens disgraceful behaviour in the candy store this morning. And she has been kicking sand in the face of pious grandpas on the beach Veronica.

I call her back into the condominium and she goes straight across my knee. Sadly, I have to untie the lil' bow on her pretty swimsuit and allow it to fall to her knees. Her tender-skinned, pale botty is fully exposed. And mommy reaches for her trusty wooden spoon. Oh my, it sure reddens fairest, sensitive lil' princess' botties good and proper Veronica. Which is the idea ! Mommy is calm now !
Countless, loud smacks and raucous girly wailing could be heard around the swimming pool !! Mommy knows best Veronica. A naughty lil' brat has learned a lesson !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx