Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Red bottoms, tears, and remorseful girls; they probably are learning their lesson.

A very sore bottom for this girl

Anonymous said...

Great post. Images conjure many different possibilities as to why each is being spanked.

DC comics spanking montage video

Anonymous said...

Thegirls mummy has 2 daughters to spank when naughty a Spanish one is it ? best spanks , Timx

Kyrel said...

If anyone's in doubt, the text is on this cartoon is in Danish and says something to the effect of:

"There. Maybe this'll teach you not to hijack airplanes."

And don't ask me about the context. I don't know that particular cartoon strip, but I believe I recognize the spanking character as the lead character in a cartoon about a female stewardesse.

Anonymous said...

Ah righto interesting Kyrel ,best Tim.

Anonymous said...

Have the girls otks caused a crash and they are beingspanked by the Air Hostess do you believe ? best spanks V. from Timx

Anonymous said...

Strict moms postulate that snuggy white cottons to knees and a wooden hairbrush to their uncovered, fair-skinned botties might enhance the reprimand a little :-) ! Brenda x

Anonymous said...

It was not your panties that misbehaved young ladies !!!!

Sunday Funnies - Sooooo cute Veronica. Oh my ! I know how that lovely mommy feels already. That sure was me with my two lil' naughty daughters in he 1980s. Except I do not understand the language already ha-ha. Although I sure did understand the language of discipline and CP. And being a kind but strict mother !

I was much stricter than this mom here Veronica. My daughters gotten their panties pulled down every time. No exceptions ! And I used a hairbrush on bare skin rather than my hand. I was very strict and believed in "not sparing the rod".

When they gotten to 8 I bought the cane (rattan switch) again administered panties down on the bare. This "harsh but harmless" message gotten through for sure Veronica. That's how it was in our house. Sure worked for me too in the 1960s - punished by my mom ! And sure worked for my girls too (long grown up, left home and happy professional women). CP not PC Veronica
Strict Mom Brenda xx