Sunday, February 1, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

More of the farmer's daughter.


Anonymous said...

She was born and bred on a farm where discipline was swift and hard; but just. Her marriage took her away from the farm, but her naughty girl discipline stayed. Her husband kept the farm discipline because he knew she both wanted and needed it in her life.

What happened on the farm story

Listening to the sounds of farm type discipline

Anonymous said...

Veronica youre having your big spanks down on the farm ,best spanks Timx

Anonymous said...

If this naughty farmer's daughter gets caught by her Dad, she might not sit down for a month.

Naughty and hot

Njspank said...

You are so beautiful over his knee.....always

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Veronica. But I am not sure the farmer's daughter would have her skirt and traditonal panties remaining in-situ ! Oh my !
I love my hubby spanking me like that, but I wish my mother had punished me like that when I was a naughty, lil' ten year old brat growing up !
Oh my, Veronica, she whipped me with her dreaded, flexi-rattan switch and always pulled my panties down and raised my skirt for good measure.

Bare botty was normal and the strict rule for parental punishment in our house when I was growing up and that is how my lil' sister and me gotten mom's switch. No exceptions. Very memorable ! But that was life in the 1960s in our house in Georgia Veronica :-(

My girlfriends usually gotten strict parental discipline too. Many years later I loved looking back at the way my mommy always pulled my panties down as a matter of routine. A bare-skinned but safe and harmless caning was normal for my mother (she gotten the same switch from grandma in the 1930s)...and our soft, sensitive botties were provided by God and Nature for that very purpose ! A mother's duty !

Despite my very strict, conservative, Ol' fashioned Southern upbringing where "the rod" was "never spared" My sister and I grew up to be so happy and successful. I am now in my 50s. And strict, loving mommies know that bare botties for spanking times work already. For sure Veronica !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx