Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday's Spankable

"I'm ready for my spanking now!"


Anonymous said...

Well missy you will certainly get one. Your saucy bottom "fire engine red" and sore to the touch.

She is ready for her spanking (story)

Bad girl punished - be careful what you ask for

Anonymous said...

A great post.
One can just imagine turning those creamy white cheeks with its tan lines, a uniform color of crimson.

Sorority girl getting ready for her initiation.

Truly naughty girl initiation

Anonymous said...

Cute girl ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

"I'm ready for my spanking now Veronica" as I have neglected your truly amazing blog for too long. I was a Lurker but am now engaging with your awesome Blog. Can I say that I have a big thing about tan lines. I find them compelling in a spanking context because like most things for me, they take me back to my strict up-bringing and initial,formative experineces.

In the summer I always found it exciting and intriguing and indeed funny how are fairest white backsides contrasted with our summer tans. They looked very cute and chubby and (this was sooo pre-selfies...Belfies)I liked to look at my white rear-end in the mirror (and still do ha-ha) But Boo-Hoo, when a smacked bottom was sadly merited and my mom or pop fetched the switchy-cane , there was both excitement and fear.

And yes it was always (unfortunately in our strict, traditional house) a case of bare white botties on show for punishment wihtout debate! It was certainly not funny, yet seeing my sister's snow white bottom exposed as my mother pulled down shorts and panties has always made me love tan lines

This photo here shows how the soft white skin looks very prominent (like a target too !) and emphasises that
panties have been pulled down for appropriate bare bottom discipline (Oucheee)

It underlines that she has been a naughty girl and that groundings or the naughty step are no longer needed.
It accentuates every aspect of what a bare bottom spanking stands for.

And of course watching my sister's sensitive, fair-skin turn red as the whippy, botty smacker landed; plus the loud resounding swishes smacks and yelling highlighted summer spankings in a colourful way.

Of course, my sister observed the same with my discipline and we talk about it a lot today. Although I am more obsessed with tan lines, she agrees with my perspective and nostalgic framing of it.

My narrative sounds harsh, but it was totally fair. And a stinging bottom did no harm whatsoever. And in the 1960s and 1970s good smacked bottoms were more common and stricter. Viva tan lines Veronica ! ;-) Great photo, I need my spanking. Brenda x