Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

This naughty girl is preparing herself for the promised spanking she will receive. She is wet already thinking about it!

It hurts so fine

She wants a motorcycle but gets something else

Anonymous said...

The spanking she deserves from a Dad and Mom viewpoint.

Girl who learns a lesson the old fashioned way from Dad

The sex was good but Mom's anger is not

Robert Stephens said...

Love her smile....!

Anonymous said...

Aren't the tan lines yummy Veronica ? The soft sensitive white skin seems to wildly accentuate the area which my mother said had been provided "by God and nature" for suitable punishment !!! It seems to underline the importance of baring and slight humbling when discipline is needed.

I'm always reminding my sister of mom's strict Southern values (not that she would ever forget Lol) and how my younger sister's summer tan lines were so incredibly cute when it came to a smacked bottom from mummy back in the early 1970s.

My little princess sister had to put her hands on her head whilst mummy pulled down her navy blue shorts and cotton panties to her knees, thus exposing the extremely fair, extremely tender skin on her chubby little two velvety snow -white marshmallows. And sadly so very vulnerable indeed ! Gulp...

Her soft quivering fairy-pale bum looked really prominent and funny next to the deep chestnut golden-brown tan of her legs arms and back. Such a cute sight was not lost on my stern mum, who then bent my lil sister's bare tender snow white backside over the sofa arm for a sound tanning with the dreaded bendy switch-cane. The sting was ferocious but harmless and squeals were ignored. My sister's magnolia-white botty skin rapidly turned a fiery strawberry !

I love my girly white bum and tan lines but there's a scary frisson associated with my strict mom n pop....and that darn little rattan cane that lived in the cupboard. Southern upbringings eh Veronica ? BooHoo. Brenda x