Thursday, February 12, 2015

Schoolgirl gif


Anonymous said...

The naughty girl gets it again, and I'm sure deservedly so. Nice!

Naughty Schoolgirl can't seen to learn

Naughty girl gets first spanking from her father

Anonymous said...

Big spanks for the little schoolie ,best spanks Tim x

Njspank said...

One of your classics, love the panty spanking, white panty and then down the panty this scene..


Anonymous said...

Good discipline Veronica. I remember discovering spanking magazines in my late teens in the early 1980s. It was so exciting. I was mesmerized by the domestic photos and stories of father/daughter and mother /daughter confrontations...hairbrushes and straps. But of course, especially bare bottom canings, which were fantasy, yet obviously staged as being realistic. Of course years earlier Veronica, my sister and I got our chubby botties bared and soundly smacked with a nasty little rattan cane by our strict parents - traditional harsh but fair punishment as part of strict Southern values. I found it utterly compelling to recall my spankings in light of my newfound spanking coverage in magazines. It's been the same ever since Veronica. And your fab blog is now forging the fantasies of today (and my hubby's role plays) with the reality of bare bottom whuppins in the stern old-fashioned 1960s and early 70s in Atlanta,Georgia. Thanks. Brenda x