Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Vintage Veronica


Anonymous said...

He had warned her repeatedly and now it is reckoning time for his naughty wife. He would teach her "bad little girls" no matter how sexy are never too old for a bare bottom spanking. After all he must keep his sometimes bratty wife in line and he knew spanking her butt beet red was what she deserved and needed.

A red butt something like this


This would make a great role play scenario - Naughty little liar


Anonymous said...

A story from the golden age of spanking.

Aunt Maria's house - discipline applies all


Anonymous said...

Great art Veronica - love vintage. And I now consider my own strict upbringing in the late 1960s to be vintage too. A world of black and white...although naughty bottoms were red !
Veronica I remember a lively discussion with friends in the early 1990s, when I was a single working girl. The PC era was strong and my younger girl friends were not from the South. They were challenging my notion that I had been raised in a kind and loving fashion, as well as a very strict fashion. They didn't understand the South back in the 60s...and they didn't understand my very strict but also loving no-nonsense 1950s' mommy !

My younger sister and I were punished with a dreaded lil' nursery cane - a whippy thin rattan switch. Mommy didn't need to cut one ! (although that was a tradition in Georgia!)

Mommy always pulled down our panties without debate or hesitation. It seems harsh , but that's how it was done Veronica. Mommy reminded us that it was punishment, and so a bare botty was appropriate and necessary. Switchin's were supposed to sting Veronica!(I completely agree - strict moms' ruling)
Panties down made it serious and humbled we naughty daughters.
Also bare botty maximized safety (paramount) and minimized swishing effort from mom ! My strict, ol' fashioned mother was an expert bottom smacker and she said that whuppin's were simply part of her kindness and loving, care.

I totally agree Veronica, and this was long ago, well before PC and modern sensitivities.
Baring our lil' tender bums was just a matter of routine for our mommy when she fetched the switch. She didn't even consider spanking over clothes and she got bare botty switchin's from Grandma when she was a lil' girl. So yes Veronica, wishy-washy- washy approaches were not experienced in our house.
So Veronica, more recently in the 1990s, when my friends thought we experienced "cruelty", they were completely misguided. Bare bottom spankings were so common amongst our princess buddies back in the day. It was just so different, but strict and loving discipline combined, was the order of the day when I was growing up.
Oh my, funny looking back.
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xc