Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Birthday Spanking


Anonymous said...

Birthday, speeding, and a surprise


Spanked with friends


Spatula birthday spank


Anonymous said...

A unique way to get a birthday spanking


Mike Pahula said...

my birthday comming up in few month i could use birthday spanking?

this pic look like couple young girl i can tell by girl spanker she happy bet she dish out spanking the one over her lap then got spanked by every one else

Anonymous said...

The girls are enjoying the spanks on botties.

Unknown said...

This would be fun to watch. The girl being spanked has to be embarrassed but if her dress gets pulled up it will even worse. All the girls are young,attractive and wearing stockings/pantyhose and short dresses. The picture dosent get much better except when the spanking starts.

Could we ever see you spanked like that , dress,stockings, heels. The stockings or pantyhose would really make things more interesting on the viewing end.