Sunday, March 15, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

Like My Polka Dot Panties?


Anonymous said...

A resounding yes they are sexy girl!

Her expression was almost comical to him. It showed fear, disbelief, and even a touch of arousal. It was perfect, his wife's bratty sister is soon going over his knee for a long overdue spanking. Her butt would soon be as crimson and hot as his naughty wife's and both will sit very carefully for the next few days. He smiled inwardly, just what she deserves and needs!

Wife lets sister share as she looks on - something like this

Wife's sister is an exhibitionist and flirt - letting her sister share

Anonymous said...

This what happens when you go out on the town and then get caught.

Stubborn girl refuses to tell the truth - for a while - then her bottom wiggles, squirm's and dances in pain.

To bad he didn't take advantage of those seared buns while she was strapped down. I sure as hell would.

She finally breaks - a little humor at the end

Anonymous said...

Big spanks on your polka dot panties ,best spanks Veronica from Tim x