Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday's Spankable

Time to cut a switch!


Anonymous said...

Naughty girls having fun. But when caught, their little prank will cost those cute perky butts a lot of pain. They will have their punishment burned into their sexy bottoms. But maybe that was their plan all along?

Grand Ma knows how to switch a naughty bottom - and she does

Two naked girls having fun - two naked girls not so much fun

The cane is not a switch but it is very close - a naughty girl gets the cane in front of class

What could have happened to these girls in Victorian times

Naughty girl gets the switch and more

Anonymous said...

Yes it is time to cut a switch sexy girl. For those people who have never experienced the switch. It is a very painful punishment, one that lingers for a while. It has its own brand of exquisite pain/pleasure, and it can adjust a bratty attitude very quickly!

How about a switch for your naughty bottom? I am sure your husband or many other's are willing to administer it to those sweet cheeks of yours. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as the saying goes.

Anonymous said...

Yes naughty girls walking in public with bare botties need spanked ,bst spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

These girls know a surprise is coming but they don't when, where or how. They will never forget it that is for sure!

A surprise promised - The end of video tells it all

Anonymous said...

The sound of summer ... switch-cane across bare botties. And implications for neighbours ?

Veronica, after years of thought ;-) I realise that there were lots of implications of bare backside discipline growing up. Mother called them advantages although I begged to differ.
But now yes, advantages in hindsight.

One summer's day my younger sister was getting her bottom smacked. I was not allowed to watch (unless were being disciplined together obviously) but I went outside....pretending to read !!

All doors and windows were open as usual. It was loud and clear, and for the neighbours too (lovely elderly couple. We were very close) sister's desperate protests. Mum's stern "matter of factness".

That loud and distinctive, unmistakeable sound... SMACK! ... of the stingy, thin rattan switch-cane on a bare sensitive botty made me cringe. And my poor sister's squeals. Yes, the neighbours certainly knew how mum handled misbehaviour.

If mum had ever allowed we naughty daughters to keep our panties or shorts up , then the sound of cane on fabric would be muffled and less resounding than on bare skin. And with much less of a sting, our cries and shrieks would be far lower. A very different experience for the neighbours ! And indeed for us ! So yes, sounds of summer are recalled ! Hugs, Brenda x