Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Spankable

A lady in waiting...


Anonymous said...

Cute little brown haired girl.

Anonymous said...

The game was on and she could only wait in anticipation. Which would it be sex or a long slow methodical spanking? The group downstairs would soon hear the sounds coming from the bedroom and know. This truth or dare game would be etched in their memories for a long time!

The second round of young wife

The spanking was severe but it was what she wanted

Anonymous said...

She is in for the time of her life!

He gave her a present

Anonymous said...

I know you think you can manipulate me with that sultry look and those bedroom eyes. But missy you could not be more wrong. When I finish with your butt, you will think you just sat down in the middle of a wildfire!
Every time you sit down you will think of what you did.

Punished something like this

Or this

Anonymous said...

Very sexy already Veronica !
We are waiting for our hubbies like this lush woman...
Sexy spanking being naked...

When I was spanked growing up by mom as a lil' girl , I was never smacked naked like this. In the bedroom Veronica, I vividly recall my sister and I gotten punished with our PJ tops on, and our cotton PJ bottoms pulled down to our exposing the bare, sensitive skin on our botties for mother's switchy- stick. Mommy meant business when she was mad !

Oh my, we always gotten a whuppin' on bare skin, never over protective coverings - that was how it was done in our house Veronica ! Proper Ol' fashioned smacked bottoms with that dreaded, flexible rattan switch. Our poor sensitive botties back then Veronica :-(
Terrible sting! No modern thinking or PC, this was the 1960s in Georgia !! Oh my ! But in fairness, we never gotten it stripped naked.

Mother's stern rules said that loving discipline should be humbling, but not humiliating. She said that stripping us completely naked was unecessary - only our bottoms needed to be bare. For practical and humbling reasons (and mom's faith)

Veronica, I so appreciated mommy's philosophy on punishment. It was loving but very strict !
Panties down and bare botties are absolutely necessary for maternal spankings - but other clothing can remain in situ.
I never regretted or resented my mother's harsh but fair discipline. And my sister and I did not know any different as lil' girls in the 1960s !
Brenda xx