Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

.. and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Great selection naughty girl.

Liz did not know one of the girls she had pranked had a sadistic side. But let me tell you, she certainly found out!
She will think twice about pranks in the future. Or will she?

Naughty girls get spanked at camp

Fire crackers and then a fiery bottom

Anonymous said...

What a strange one in the middle ,the first one bad girl gets spanked by the other girls ,best spanks V.from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Not a cartoon but in the venue of "Game of Thrones."

King forced to watch his Queen

Scene from "Game of Thrones"

Anonymous said...

That main naughty brat cartoon is the fabulous, front page of my autobiography Veronica...ha-ha. Love the humour which shows both the fact and fiction of my strict upbringing in Atlanta Georgia in the 1960s and 70s. Ouchees !
First the fiction: I was not a pizza delivery girl :-) and I was not spanked by an uncle (I didn't have one). I was also not spanked in public or in front of any guests, neighbours or family. The exception being my stern grandmother (mom's mom)who was often present and seemed to heartily recommend a smacked bottom for me (as she had done to her own daughter in the 1930s and 40s !). And occasionally my grandfather (mom's dad) was also present. I tended not to wear a hat when being punished as a little girl...but I often do nowadays when my hubby is flexing that cane ! ha-ha

Now the facts. A smacked bottom was the only punishment in our house, apart from minor groundings. It always involved a nasty, little, thin, rattan cane which was kept in the cupboard. And yes, as a naughty little brat, my cute shorts and panties were sadly always pulled down so that I would feel it properly...smacking repeatedly on the tender, bare skin on my botty. Every single time Veronica, no exceptions. And my oh my, it stung to high heaven !

We forget how such strict family values prevailed in the South back then. This was decades before the naughty step ! My younger sister was punished exactly the same way. Bare botties for a switching or whuppin' with the cane was just normal for me growing up. It was no big deal as far as my strict parents were concerend - just integral to falmily life. Bare bottom spankings ( hairbrushes, straps, switches etc)very common for my friends back then too.

In Spring and Summer, with doors and windows open, the neighbours (a lovely elderly couple) could hear two naughty daughters getting whuppin's. The unmistakable smacking sound of bendy, rattan on our exposed pale, sensitive-skinned botties and our raucous naughty princess' crying. They did not actually see our chubby, white bums turning strawberry red, but they approved of our mother's strict punishment; because that was simply conventional wisdom at that time in Atlanta's suburbs. No wishy- washy thinking within strict loving discipline.
What a fabulous cartoon this is Veronica...lots of memories.
Naughty Brenda x