Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some great art!


Anonymous said...

Ooh la la ,best spanks Timx

Anonymous said...

Yes it is!

His Maid whether intentional or by accident is once again over the Lord of the Manor's knee. Getting her voluptuous buttocks spanked. The Lord as usual is in no hurry to finish his delightful task. He always took his time to cover every inch of her bottom. With ever-increasing speed and intensity, her creamy buttocks changed to a fiery crimson. Her salty tears fall, her sobs unmistakable, her ass on fire, her lurid gyrations on his lap; they are both in their own erotic trance.

Mutual benefit for all

This Maid works for a very naughty household

Naughty Maid sent for intense traning

Anonymous said...

Your art selections are always great sexy girl.

A story for your art selection - Maid, broken vase, and a naughty spanking

Anime - She loves being the Maid

Robert Stephens said...

I think a broken vase calls for a dose of the hairbrush...

Anonymous said...

This naughty maid gets a spanking of another kind and I think she likes it!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, do you think the maid was expecting the naughty step ?!
I sooo love the generational clash here. Strict Grandpa who tanned the bare backsides of his naughty daughters with a hairbrush, over his knee, back in the 1960s (and his granddaughters too possibly !)
And the young maid who feels the hornets nest from a good, smacked bottom and the stern domestic discipline of yesteryear. Fabulous and fascinating debate Veronica.

My papa was of a similar ilk Veronica - strict, loving discipline for naughty daughters.
My sister and I got our fairest bare botties smacked with a wooden hairbrush over pop's knee - to form my earliest memories. But my mother was the chief disciplinarian for sure. And my dad supported her very strict, loving approach.

When we were naughty lil' princesses, the whippy-thin, rattan switch wad fetched from the cupboard, our lil' cotton panties were pulled south, and our tender bare white botties were given a sound whuppin' over the sofa in the living room, before we were sent to our rooms.

This artwork captures both the era of strict, ol' fashioned domestic discipline, when I was raised in Georgia State; and a more modern context. Oucheeeees Veronica.
Thanks, Naughty Lil' Brenda xx