Monday, March 2, 2015

Veronica's... show and tell


Anonymous said...

Hot, Hot, Hot, you naughty sexy girl!

Viewing his friend's wife lying on the bed with her luscious, hot, sexy, spanked bottom was almost more than he could handle. But when his friend told him that he could continue her discipline with the hairbrush, he felt a rush of erotic adrenaline. Who in their right mind would pass up this opportunity? He certainly would not!

A truly naughty wife

A wife who needs a disciplinarian

And lastly a short clip of the beginning of a naughty girl spanking

Anonymous said...

A blushing spanked well botty.

Robert Stephens said...

Veronica, I would love to kiss the sting away..... But I'm sure Tony did that for you.

Anonymous said...

Delicious Veronica. As a spanko I remember telling my friends in the early 1990s (and then my husband ) how twenty years' earlier, as a very naughty ten year old brat I used to end up with a bare red backside as shown after my mum or pop had pulled down my cotton panties and tanned the fairest tender white skin on my botty with a little whippy rattan cane for my tantrums and bad behaviour! It was harsh but fair in the socially strict suburbs of Atlanta. And this punishment was considered normal and routine in our house growing up (and often in friends' houses too) So this stern reality underpinned fantasies, spanking mags and blogs in future decades for me. And we girls of a certain age remember such strict times and family values and discipline Veronica. Brenda x