Thursday, April 9, 2015

"Fantasy Becomes Reality"

Here I sit browsing through the pages of hubby's magazines, "OVER-THE-KNEE" and long before the internet these spanking mags where the only way to view some amazing spanking photos. As I browse through the pictures I wondered what it would feel like to be placed over a masculine lap and spanked soundly. My inner thighs quivered at the thought and as soon as hubby caught me looking with such interest he knew it was time.... Soon I too where "OVER-THE-KNEE" getting spanked just like the models in this magazine..... Now my fantasy has become reality, one that I live every day. :)

"Now it hurts to sit!!!"


Anonymous said...

Yes not easy to find the mag in U.K. but ive seen it a great spanky mag .yes you are otks a lot lovey and we love it .Best best Spanks , Tim x

Unknown said...

You changed things up a little, you're sitting down and you're skirt is down. I'd like to see you do time out on the spanking chair on your freshly spanked bottom. And for some extra extra punishment sit bare bottom on a stool that has like artificial grass (?) on it.. This will really smart and most likely be even more painful than the spanking. I think FHS has done this before

Anonymous said...

Sore botties for ever...
Oh my,absolutely true Veronica. my case maybe the opposite was also true ha-ha...the reality of my strict Southern upbringing became a fantasy, thanks to those same magazines, Debby and mommy from Nu-West :-) and some willing boyfriends tee-hee. Yes, Veronica, what a life!

When I was a lil' girl growing up with a very stern 1950s' style mom in strict Ol' Georgia in the 1960s, having my fairest, white botty bared for a sound spanking was just a harsh fact of life in my house. I didn't think anything of it Veronica - my mother was simply very strict in ol' fashioned Georgia style. And so were other moms in the neighbourhood. That was simply family and "faith" values - "don't spare the bare". Dad would be away and mommy insisted on absolute, strict regimes for my sister and me. To make her life easy. Fair enough, in retrospect Veronica. No messing. We naughty daughters were punished !

Rather than a firm hand, it was a rattan switch to the bare botty! Oh my, it stung so ! But the lil' thin whippy rattan cane was harmless Veronica - but oh so effective and uncomfortable on a bare bottom initially!! But that was the whole point of a spanking. Especially in the South, in the late 1960s!

This was over twenty years before PC. But who would have thought I would still be getting my bare bottom smacked today just like I was a naughty lil girl already!
Hugs, Naughty Brenda xx