Monday, April 13, 2015

For all you naughty boys out there!!!


Anonymous said...

Big Sis spanks her younger brother otks for bratting her as their mummie spanks them when needed ,best Spanks from , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see an older lady here Veronica !

I am in my late 50s and like you Veronica, am mainly a "bottom". I was raised in a very strict Christian household (with my younger sister) and so for ever been that naughty lil' daughter who gotten her bare skinned botty whipped over mother's knee in the 1960s !
I still fee that naughty child today. And so my hubby will be my strict father...and my even stricter, religious mother !

Everything changed for me in the 1980s when (after college in the 1970s and working for a large corporate) I became a mother and was blessed with two lil' daughters. It soon came to pass that they needed discipline ! I was the stern spanker for my daughters, early on, Veronica. My hubby was the good cop. Oh my !

I am a staunch supporter of CP (having gotten benefits from it in my own childhood) and so when my girls were little, I purchased a hard, flexible rubber spatula for a very specific purpose. When they were naughty they ended up over my maternal knee, lil' cotton panties down, sensitive-chubby-pale botties bare for a proper whooping. My hubby did support me in my strict domestic methods for our girls, but it was down to me to take action !!!

When my girls reached eight they gotten the cane - the Southern rattan switch- and it sure always stung on the sensitive bare skin of their backsides, exactly I gotten from my mom in the 1960s. That was the rule and it sure kept the household peace ! No limp, wishy-washy punishment required Veronica. I was a very strict, loving mother and my daughters thank me already for my stern, "don't spare the rod" spanking. Thankfully I did not come across much PC from other moms, Veronica !

Naturally, after their childhoods, my daughters went to college and then left home as happy, well-behaved, working professionals. What was I to do Veronica ?...once a strict mom, always a strict mom ! So yes I turned my stern ways on my hubby ha-ha ! :-)

As a submissive, "bottom", I have naturally reverted back (over the past decade) to my naughty child ways of the 1960s - and so I need my bare bottom whipped with the cane by hubby, exactly like my mother punished me and my sister back in 1960s Atlanta !

I have developed my very prominent Southern tan lines (I have the softest, whitest botty in the Universe, Veronica, just like I had as a lil' Southern-belle princess) and I have retro-1960s and 1950s clothes (like, Canary yellow dresses) and swimsuits etc !

Yes, Oh my ! I always talk about CP with my daughters, with my sister and still with my mother who is in her 80s. Keep it in the family Veronica. Southern values and tradtitions !
Naughty Lil' 1960s daughter Brenda ...and strict, loving 1980s mother Brenda xx