Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday's Spankable

Both sisters will get a dose of father's strap!


Anonymous said...

The little sisters wait for parental spanks ,love and spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Waiting for Daddy - absolutely correct Veronica ! Boo-Hoo. This is one of my fave photos.Wonderful. And great for role play with my hubby.

I vividly recall (plus my diary notes) the occasions when we two naughty little sisters had driven mummy to exasperation and yet she would (unusually) leave the discipline to father.

We would be trembling in our beds. He was very unimpressed !

We would hear him come in, some terse conversation with mummy and we heard the cupboard door where the dreaded cane was kept opened and shut

Footsteps up the stairs. We would both then have to bend over one bedside together in our jammies.

Without any consideration or "mercy", and with the cane in his right hand, he would take hold of the waistband of our cotton jammies with his left hand , and tug them down to our knees: so the fair, sensitive skin on our botties would be fully exposed and unprotected - yes, harsh but fair. It was necessary.

With hindsight, my father's uncompromising attitude was exactly what was needed to get the mesage across (and no half-measures from him) and then we would be soundly tanned with the nasty, whippy switch- cane whilst screaming loudly. He took discipline seriously and to be fair to him, in the 1970s, this domestic approach was quite common.

Our hands were placed firmly on the bed throughout, we did not dare defy father !

We slept on our tummies, our bottoms numb with burning ! and cried Boo-Hoo. Very memorable spankings those ! But when we were adults we agreed with mum n pop that the "benefit" of that darn switch- cane full and uncompromising on a completely bare botty, was that as well as being harmless, the memorable, unbearbale sting meant that we were very good girls for quite some time after !!....and mum and dad had an easy life for a while ! Tough Love worked. Fabulous photo depicting our wating for daddy realities and moments. Thanks. Brenda x