Thursday, April 30, 2015

More... "Hairbrush Spankings"


lavilainesophie said...

I love hairbrush spankings !

Anonymous said...

Veronica, today, I love Momma Spankings; especially Dana Specht, who reminds me of my own mom, and her very strict Ol' fashioned, 1950s' discipline.
Oh my, Momma Spankings is so realistic Veronica, without fantasy, or over the top embellishment. Harsh but fair - just like it was first time around in the 1960s for me as a lil' girl in Georgia.

I also love Spanked Sweeties, and Claire Fonda's fabulous strict, loving mommy approach. Again, oh my, so realistic - especially given the girls' own experiences of whuppin's from their lil' princess years with mom or pop.

And when I first discovered spanking literature /videos in the late 1970s/early 80s, I found Nu-West soooo compelling. Again, I found the mother/daughter scenarios realistic and mighty swell ! Reminding me of my mommy's punishments for lil' sister and me.
I also crave to hear about people's spankings, growing up, especially celebrities! And I sooo love to hear your accounts too Veronica

My very strict upbringing in Georgia in 1960s/70s was truly the golden age of the smacked bottom. Mommy kept the thin, dreaded, whippy, rattan switch in the cupboard and when we were naughty, she pulled our panties down and bent us over the sofa for a whuppin'.

Oh my Veronica, our bare, white tender -skinned botties stung to high Heaven. But in fairness, it was totally harmless and an essential part of mom's love, kindness and care. Albeit very Ol' fashioned back in those days !! And so I adore realistic videos like Dana Specht's Momma Spankings that ring true (sting true!!) to my upbringing.
Thanks Veronica
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx