Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rectal temp and spanking.... is there a connection?

  • So why are we programmed to enjoy spanking? Psychologist say that it was some sort of childhood trauma like being spanked or watching another get spanked at a very young age. I didn't get my first spanking until I was 13 from my uncle and I was already fascinated with spanking years before that. My mom never spanked me nor did anyone else for that matter. What if you where never spanked or seen anyone get spanked but for some reason you have been fascinated with spanking for as long as you can remember. I'll take it even further and this describes me too... what is it about the over-the-knee position that really turns you on??? When I was very, very young around three I had a very high fever in the middle of the night and I remember my mom taking me to the emergency room because she was not able to call the pediatrician at that hour. I remember being in the triage area and seen two or three toddlers laying across a parental lap with their pants down and bottoms bared. I of course became nervous and no these kids where not getting spanked but still crying bloody murder, this made me more anxious and I began to cry too. I remember my mother taking a seat next to the other parents and flipping me in the same position pulling down my underwear and sticking something cold into my rectum that the nurse handed her. No it didn't hurt but the feeling of vulnerability and embarrassment even at that age made me cry even more. I hated it!!!!! So is this the trauma I received that made me a spanking fetishist? Maybe it wasn't an actual spanking that makes us what we are, perhaps it was something like a rectal temp or a needle to the buttocks or some other childhood trauma that as adults we laugh off but as a small child we where terrified. Perhaps I'm full of it and I just have the spanking gene... but is there such thing as a spanking gene, no there isn't. What are your thoughts and for the record... I also love rectal temps as an adult. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, for me (59 y/o male switch) it may have been being held over my Mother's knee while a nurse gave me a shot - I was terrified of them - I was kicking and screaming LIKE I was getting a spanking. This happened several times from around 4 - 8 years old - very traumatic at the time. Also, I remember getting an occasional rectal thermometer or squeeze bulb enema in that OTK position, but these were not nearly as upsetting. The prospect of being paddled at school was exciting (it never happened), just because of the embarrassment involved. So, I definitely think you are on to something.

Carl H

Anonymous said...

V. a hot post ,best spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it way until I read your post. I too was never spanked but I did suffer trauma during delivery, I was pulled out with forceps. Apparently later in life a psychologist opined that the child birth trauma caused me to fear dying and the impetus was shots, needles, blood work. However now reading your recollection of the rectal thermometer, I do recall being given suppositories when I became constipated. Whatever the cause, I have been fascinated by it since I was a tween/teen. Sadly I didn't receive my first full on spanking until a little over a year ago.

TFD said...

I don't have the answers, but I like the questions. I don't believe in a spanking gene because spanking is too complicated to be about a gene, but it seems some people were born with the right set of physiological and/or psychological attributes that make them sensitive to certain things. If at a young age, you experience something that's traumatic, that causes strong feelings of fear, vulnerability, embarrassment, or pain, possibly caused by someone close who you trust and are totally dependent on, maybe if you're sensitive in the right way, it somehow gets imprinted as sexual. This might also happen if you see someone else experiencing these things, and it has a strong effect on you as well.

Having your bottom bared and something done to it that stimulates and embarrasses, it's not hard to connect that to an erotic stimulation. Another critical time is around puberty or early adolescence. I think we're especially vulnerable to all of these feelings during those years, and fetishes can be created or deepened. However, there is no one answer because many things like spanking are stimulating in ways that can be erotic, so we can discover them at any age.

Pecan nutjob said...

Veronica ---

For me too there is definitely an association between spanking and rectal temperature!

Your emergency room story reminds me of a childhood episode of mine. I had a high fever and was vomiting. Back in those days, in France, it was not uncommon for general practicioners to make house calls, so our usual physician came. After examining me and prodding my abdomen, she went on to talk with mom - I think she asked for vaseline. Then she donned a rubber glove. I gather from your story that nobody explained to you that you would get something in your rectum, and neither did I - thus my intense surprise when her finger slipped in! Not that this was painful until she actually pressed on the appendix, and anyway I was feeling too bad to protest. In retrospect, I was vexed of not having been considered old enough to be told what to expect.

I have other bittersweet memories of having to bare my butt, or genitals, in front of mommy or, more rarely, other family members or our physician, for disciplinary, hygienic or medical purposes. First, mom spanked me when I was overstepping the bounds - not a frequent occurence but she rather did it on the bare, so it was more humiliating than really painful. In one occasion, she took my temperature rectally after spanking me because I had tried to cheat with the thermometer.

Among other things, suppositories were back then in France a popular method to give medicines to children (and also adults) and my mother was no exception. In particular, she kept a supply of suppositories for throat aches containing eucalyptus and other extracts, which had a pungent smell and stung a bit in the rectum - think of a mint candy except that it is in the rectum instead of the mouth! For some reason, she inserted it herself until maybe the age of 9 or so.

So to summarize, I was glad, when I reached puberty, to be afforded more privacy. It's only later, when I was clumsily trying to experiment with teenage sexuality that I started, in parallel to my "vanilla" fantasies about teenage girls, to have fantasies about an older lady spanking me, sticking her finger in me and so on. Acts that I found embarrassing as a child became attractive, for some reason.

Now as an adult... I love anal/rectal play, temperatures, suppositories and so on. They are delightfully embarrassing! So it's not uncommon for my wife and I to indulge!

Pecan nutjob said...

Veronica, out of curiosity how did your mother (or parents?) take your temperature at home?

Anonymous said...

First off let me say I am only talking about M/F spankings. I have wondered about this a lot, that is ,why we should enjoy it. God, evolution, mothernature or whoever or whatever you think is responsible for making us what we are, is a total failure that political correctness. Also let me make it very clear that I am not talking about any kind of abuse here. But there is always a sexual component in a spanking. Males causing females certain types of pain is necessary for the very survival of the species. Most women talk about losing their virginity with happy memories, even though as I understand it it always hurts. Men always want a virgin. All the stories and literature are full of it. Now myself I’ve only had one virgin in my life. I loved the girl very much at the time and understood full well that I was causing her pain. But somehow that seemed right. It seemed that her pain was drawing us closer together. Strange right, and of course when most couples find out they are having a baby both the expected mother and father are happy about it. Even though they both know it will cause the woman a lot of pain along the way. Why is this? From an objective point of view it seems rather strange and a bit sadistic, but if it didn’t happen none of us would be here. Is a man spanking a woman just a remnant of this phenomenon of nature?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience of yours.
I was never spanked in my life but i rember a very humiliating rectal temp taking when i was young.
Now i love spanking and rectal temp taking.

And i want to ask you, why your amazing blog is so poor of rectal temp taking?
If you like it why not share the spanking, and sometimes also the rectal temperature? (maybe after the spanking :D)

Thank you for all,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post and the picture!! I was wondering where you found it?
I have been excited by watching, receiving, and giving rectal temps for almost 60 years!
I remember so clearly seeing my sisters getting them, over my mothers knee. I received the same and for some reason enjoyed it when it was out in the family room or kitchen while my mom kept an eye on my baby brother and sister. Having witnesses seemed to enhance the feeling. Also, a trip to the hospital at age three resulted in what I now call "temp" time, where the nurses systematically took down our PJ bottoms and inserted the themometers, giving me a wealth of views of others including some cute littlew girls. Along with that, spankings were a huge topic of conversation at that time amomg kids. At five,my favorite kindergarten playmate confided in me that "daddy spanks my moma also". She was so enamored of that that we began to incorporate spankings into our playing house. At one point the zipper on her shorts came slightly open as she was over my knee and i pulled them down, exposing her panties. Her response was to say, it isnt a real spanking on my panties" which I quickly repsonded to. Of course one thing let to another and soon it was playing doctor and nurse where we ould take turns being the patient using a toy thermometer. That went on for a year befoer we moved. I got to see her again in high school but never had the courage to bring it up to her! Damn. But yes, there definitely is a connection. And by the way, dear Veronica, aren't you over due for a check or perhaps your husband is? As always, love your blog! Scott S

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! I don't know if one came about as the result of the other for me, but I have always had an interest in both spanking and rectal temperature taking as well. I know you have done some posts in the past of Tony having his temp taken. Will we ever see you in the same position?
Love your blog!

IntercambioXXX said...

very hot!