Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

...and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

Sound crisp spanks are given to all Spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

Smokin' butts....cartoon 2
Naughty daughter , caught smoking, ends up over daddy's knee for the hairbrush to bare botty treatment. Such treatment was pretty routine for naughty daughters when I was growing up....including for my sister and me ! Oucheees Veronica.

But mother was the chief bottom smacker in our house, back in the 1960s, Veronica. Oh my, she was so strict and stern. From age 8, we got whipped with the whippy rattan switch. Unfortunately her mantra of "don't spare the rod" meant we got this dreaded switch, bending over the bed, on our bare botties rather than over our protective cotton jammies. Mother always pulled our jammies down and punished on sensitive bare skin. We deserved it that way too. No brainer I guess Veronica ?!

When I was a lil' girl, I thought the Authorities (cartoon one) in Georgia sanctioned my bare bottom whuppin's !! Everything was so strict and formal back then Veronica, and I was fascinated (and scared) to see the paddles in the stores saying "for the cute little deer with the bear behind". My mommy used to point to those paddles in store, and make a cute but stern statement ! That was scary too. But mommy never used a paddle on we daughters. The flexible, lil' rattan switch in the cupboard was the much feared botty smacker when we were growing up. But yes, oh my, boo-hoo.....we "cute lil' deers" always gotten it from mommy "on a bear behind" :-(
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx