Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spring is finally here...

Stupid Tony caught me off guard with this pic but as you can see I'm sitting in my comfy chair absorbing some much needed vitamin D while watching a local team play baseball. Down here in central Texas the temps are in the mid-eighties and I'm enjoying every minute of it..... XoXo


Anonymous said...

Stupid Tony you said Veronica wow your botty will pay for that lol ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Not used to seeing you upright ;)

Ms. A

Anonymous said...

Oh my you look so lush Veronica. Both hubby and I love this photo. I'm just imagining you as a potty mouthed, naughty lil' daughter having an outdoor tantrum, by the paddling pool, offending the neighbours...and in need of a good, proper smacked bottom.

This happened to me a few times growing up in Atlanta suberbs in the 1960s. Very memorable occasions, and I was hauled inside by mommy for her usual sound spankings.
When dad was away mommy would get so cross with we two lil' miscreant daughters. She would get furious and she always said that the "bottysmacker" was the essential thing that brought us in line and restored the peace. Oh my, it was harsh for lil' sister and me, but it was also harmless. And mommy was right. Also in 1960s' Georgia, their wasn't much leeway for misbehaving lil' girls, and my mom , being older, was one of the strictest around.

You would be hauled inside and stood by the sofa Veronica. Momma would place the whippy, lil', thinnest, rattan switch on the sofa arm and prepare you for the whuppin'.

In the 1960s, I wore those large rather unfashionable swimsuit bottoms, which my mother conservatively called "your bathing suit Brenda" (not bikini, just bathing suit yuk !) The snuggy, untrendy fabric protected my fairy soft backside from the Georgia sun (but sadly not from mommy's switch !!)
In our strict, traditional household, unclothed botties meant either bath times or punishment times Veronica!! Gulp ! Switchin's in our house were always on the bare botty. Unreservedly!

Mommy would take hold of the waistband of my bathing suit and pull them down to my knees. I was then bent of the sofa arm for my punishment.
In summer, I had a deep golden sun tan, but naturally, the soft skin on my fair behind was a startlingly paler shade of white Veronica- like the cotton fields boo-hoo. I was conscious of my vivid "Coppertone girl" tan lines and clearly recall my lil' sister getting spanked, and seeing her pale sensitive white skin redden as mom flicked the switch across her chubby bare behind, again and again. Harsh times but in fairness a stinging bottom is harmless. Lets remember that Veronica!

Baring our botties was not an option Veronica, but a guarantee. I've talked about it with mom (now in her 80s) countless times. Especially when PC came in during late 1980s. My mother's attitude to spanking her daughters bare bottoms was definitely not PC. It was stern and traditional (and loving) as befitting the South back then.
So Veronica, either I or Dana Specht ha-ha, will take you inside. Pull down your brown swim suit that you are wearing and tan your sensitive bare botty skin with a whippy rattan switch. Just as I used to get it. Oh my, a delicious thought Veronica!
Strict Mommy Brenda xx