Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday's Spankable

Kate Upton.... who wouldn't want to spank her!


Anonymous said...

Cute lovely girl ,best spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

i would love spank her shehas awesome booty butt

then would love to be spanked good by her iam sure she can spank good


Anonymous said...

Where have all our girly tan lines gone Veronica?!

I love tan lines :-) and fundamentally associate them with spankings, ol' fashioned discipline and my very strict upbringing.

Tan lines are ol' fashioned and reminiscent of 1960s and 1970s - of conservative, strict times, sensible, large cotton panties, ample bathing suits and 1950s' family values. Before skimpy bikinis, teeny weeny shorts, all over tans, nudist movements and generally wearing alot less Veronica!! Tan lines are incredibly cute but rare these days. Perhaps unfashionable Veronica?!
Back in 1960s'Georgia, they were common. And for we strictly raised daughters (and peers) our tan lines were quite a feature...very cute and prominent.
As a precocious ten year old princess I had a deep chestnut sun tan...except on my tender botty! I was an outdoor girl (with my younger sister too) and my naturally pale fairest white skin turned golden in the Georgia sun. But sensible bathing suits and cute pastel shorts (and daisy dukes) ensured that the fairy soft skin on my botty remained its natural pure whiter than white hue. Whiter than the cotton fields of Georgia, Veronica haha :-)
My sister and I were the Coppertone girls (like the cute girl and doggy advert) with our snow white bottoms, deep sun tans and clearly defined tan lines.
Bath times were cute and funny with our cotton white, soft chubby bums on show. But spankings were not fun Veronica!

Like bath times, our botties were completely bare for whuppin's. Gulp ! For mommy's dreaded lil',rattan switch ! Oucheeeees. Mom was so strict in true 1960s' Southern style. Our panties were always pulled down for a proper smacked bottom.

Picture my lil' sis, hands on head, cotton white panties around her knees and her even whiter skinned bottom on show.
Her clearly defined tan lines made switchin's colourful ! As her chubby, soft white botty turned redder and redder with mama's repeated flicks of the switch. We daughters squawked and squealed as the ferocious sting took immediate effect, but I stress it was harmless Veronica, loving discipline was metered out in a controlled and safe fashion. We were only lil' tender princesses Veronica boo-hoo !
Later, during College, I experienced freedom to discover spanking magazines , and I noticed the gradual decline of women models' tan lines, but they still hold a powerful image for me Veronica, a reminder of a strict upbringing and a golden disciplinary age 1950s/60s/70s of naughty lil' coppertone girls and well smacked bottoms!
Naughty Nostalgic Brenda xx